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    Our Standard Models include basic architectural elements such as floors, walls, windows, doors, and roofs.

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    These models showcase meticulously crafted furniture items, cladding, and window frames.

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    Enjoy all the features of Furnished Models in an even larger scale, capturing every design detail with precision.

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3DNA Design

Bespoke 3D Printed Models

Bespoke 3D Printed Models

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We create bespoke 3D Printed Models for those that struggle to visualise 2D Plans.

With 4,500+ followers on instagram, our models have become popular over the last 3 years.

All we need to get started are you plans and elevations!

You will receive your order in 2-3 weeks from when you order.
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  • Best thing we got in the house was this amazing 3D Model of our home. Super work Dylan, has the pride of place in our living room.Best of luck 3dna. My model is one of my praised possessions.One of the nicest personalized items we own. We love showing it off pride of place on display in our new home.

    Niamh @passive_build 


  • I would just like to thank Dylan @3DNA for printing a model of our house. The attention to detail is fantastic. Dylan was a pleasure to work with from the start, and was more than happy to discuss every little detail and met all my requirements.


    Co. Roscommon 

  • From the get go, it was positivity & professionalism. Dylan's knowledge and attention to detail really made the process much easier. In the end, the printed model is outstanding & really gave me a better understanding what my spaces will be in each corner of the house (including attic storage).

    Gavin @Gaoth na Mara  

    Co. Clare 

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